Partnership for Resilience

Our Vision

We envision an Illinois where systems support schools, families, and communities working together to ensure that all children have the educational, health and social-emotional support they need to be successful in life.  Partnership for Resilience exists to mitigate the impact of toxic stress in the lives of children, their families and the communities where they live.

Our Mission

Our mission to improve the academic, health, and social outcomes for children by fostering trauma-responsive schools alongside effective family, school, health, and community partnerships.

American Psychological Association's definition of Resilience


Our approach to solving community needs
  1. Create and sustain strong local and regional partnerships of schools, families, unions, health care and community organizations.
  2. Provide effective training and coaching to help school districts become trauma-responsive.
  3. Share our model with Illinois schools outside the two regional partnerships.
  4. Work with partner organizations to bring about needed policy changes that advance our mission.