2019 Conference Presentations

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Breaking Through – Engaging Youth Voice to Increase Organizational Impact

Presenter: Claudinae Hurt, Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School and Carl Ferguson, Freshman at Malcolm X City College

Within this session practitioners, educators, and social service agencies will have the opportunity to learn from youth on best practices for engaging youth in meaningful ways. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of youth engagement beyond tokenized representation, creating a youth-friendly organizational environment, ageism, and how to engage youth in program design.

Classroom Strategies in Trauma – Responsive Classrooms

Presenter: Karen Peterson, Ed.D. – Partnership for Resilience


Making a Difference – One Protective Factor at a Time for Building Resilience

Presenter: Jennifer Gabrenya, MS, CDVP- South Suburban Family Shelter

This presentation will explore the foundational concepts of violence prevention and trauma-sensitive practices. Participants will begin to explore their role as critical intermediaries in children’s lives and learn how they can weave violence prevention practices into their everyday work.

Restorative Curriculum: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy as Restorative Justice

Presenter: Dr. Monique Redeaux-Smith

This workshop focuses on the culturally relevant curriculum and pedagogy as a critical component of restorative justice. Participants will learn the 3 elements of culturally relevant pedagogy and will deepen their understanding of how to develop and facilitate academic curricula that critically engage students and foster resilience.

Working with Your Students’ First Teacher – Parent/Family Engagement

Presenters:  Marjorie Fujara MD, FAAP- Medical Director, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center and Margo Chávez-Easley, MSW, LSW, Child and Family Wellness Social Worker, Parenting ACE

This dynamic, interactive breakout session will begin with a brief didactic introduction to the science of parenting, including research on the role of shame and self-compassion with the ability to engage.  Following a brief summary on the elements of successful parent education programs, participants will be invited to brainstorm on ways to transform cutting edge science into concrete plans to improve parent engagement in their schools.