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Programming Partners

The Partnership For Resilience strives to bolster strong communities for the students and families we support. Not only is this being done through the resources we provide, but also through the community partners that we serve alongside. Through these community partners, we are able to provide access to the best possible support systems to further facilitate growth within our schools and communities.

Community Partnership Grant

The Community Partnership Grant was awarded to Partnership for Resilience by ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education).  The purpose of the grant is to supportPFR programming within partnering school districts to address post-pandemic gaps in teaching and learning opportunities by decreasing any gaps in meeting students' social, emotional, learning and mental health needs.

Thanks to this grant, Partnership for Resilience will be able to expand its mission of connecting partnering school districts and communities with resources aimed to increase awareness of ACE's (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Trauma by creating impactful strategies to support increased resiliency of student, teachers, parents, and community in the southland communities as part of Partnership for Resilience's Southland Initiative.

Partnership for Resilience's Vision:
  • Increased ACEs and Trauma awareness for parents and community via dedicated workshops tackling sensitive but important topics and life events and strategic training. By supporting and empowering the community that cares for students, we are thereby supporting and empowering the students
  • Out-of-school-time support and enrichment programs for students which support student SEL needs which is the foundation of academic success
  • Career Exploration program for middle school students supporting increased self-awareness and intentional guidance and opportunities to begin a career pathway
  • Learning Communities which support the dissemination of new research and support materials to faculty, parent/guardians, and community members
Parent Mentoring

The Parent Mentor Program is a nationally recognized parent engagement model that builds deep and lasting relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Parent Mentors can help connect the school to the community and to other families, provide extra support to the teachers emotionally and physically, and give extra attention to students in need. They also provide another support person that the student can rely on.

Project LAUNCH

Project LAUNCH provides family support services for those living in the Southland. Our Family Navigator Specialist works directly with families to help identify a child or family's needs and connect them with appropriate services in the community. From medical and daycare resources to food and shelter, we work with families and providers while navigating social service and health agencies that can be overwhelming for families to manage. Areas of support include but aren't limited to:

  • Food Support such as free pantries/soup kitchens, meal delivery, SNAP assistance
  • Housing Services including family shelters, housing search assistance, transitional housing
  • Medical Services such as pediatric primary care, specializations, vaccines, emergency care
  • Child Care Services including daycare, developmental screening, parenting skills and support, youth mentoring
  • Education Support including early learning, school search and tutoring
  • Mental Health Services such as youth and family counseling, neuropsychology services, psychiatry, caregiver support

Partnership for Resilience serves as a program management partner for the 2-year Resilience Education to Advance Community Healing (REACH) Statewide Initiative (  In this role Partnership for Resilience serves as the lead of the program’s co-development of the REACH Statewide Communities of Practice Business Model along with Lurie Children’s Center for Childhood Resilience, facilitator of Communities of Practice, and management of the Community of Practice Business Model Implementation. The Partnership for Resilience also serves as a key member of the program leadership team for the areas of the Regional Office of Education Social Emotional Learning Hub Training of Trainers and the REACH Designation Model.